Pregnant Yoga

Somehow every yoga class with Allison seems to be directed right at my individual needs at that moment.


I leave feeling refreshed, strong, and grounded.


I know other class participants also feel Allison is a mind reader of our yoga needs, which really speaks to her ability to read the "Zoom Room" and lead a strong class for all of us.


So grateful for the opportunity to continue a weekly yoga practice during my pandemic pregnancy!

- Andrea, Vermont
Online Prenatal Yoga Client

Joining Pregnancy Circle is one of the best decisions I made so far during my pregnancy.


Being a first time mama, especially during the time of COVID, I need all the support I can get.


I'm learning a lot while making connections and having a good laugh.


No pregnancy or birth topic is too awkward or embarrassing for this supportive group!

- Julie, Vermont
Pregnancy Circle Participant

Image by Filip Mroz

We are loving Baby Song and Play!


I have really enjoyed learning new fun and simple songs and chants, and ideas for motions to do with my little one.


She absolutely loves the songs and movements, and it has really encouraged me to sing to her throughout the day.


I also love hearing from other parents about their experiences. It is a nice way to connect.


I highly recommend Baby Song and Play! We look forward to it every week. 

- Laura, Vermont
Baby Song & Play Participant


I am loving Baby Song and Play!


It is an extraordinary experience to be a new (first time) mom in the age of COVID, but this class and Allison make it a little less lonely. 

- Nathalie, Vermont
Baby Song & Play Participant

In just over two months working with Allison, I now live in a new city with a new job and am happy!

Allison helped me find the strength to leave a career and a relationship that wasn’t aligned with me anymore, gave me the strength to move across the country and follow my heart, and reminded me (and helped me to believe!) that even on my hardest days, I am strong and loved. And, during my transition to a new city, Allison gave me the tools I needed to stay grounded and levelheaded.

When you work with Allison, you WILL transform. You WILL reach goals. You WILL start to believe in yourself.

- Caroline, Colorado
Life Coaching Client


Allison is a bright and shining individual!


I first heard her talk in front of a room filled with at least 200 people. The words she spoke were so inspirational. In getting to know her more, I was able to easily talk about different challenges I was encountering in my life. Allison has a way with words that allows your inner mind and body to listen and get in sync with one another.


Allison is very kind-hearted and easy to talk to too. She works to create and foster a strong relationship; she checks up on you and lets you know that she is there.


Since working with Allison, I have transformed in so many ways! I am more confident about my present self and understand that my past self can be let go of.

- Cidney, Vermont
Life Coaching Client

Image by Annie Spratt

Allison has been an amazing source of support and inspiration! She has a special ability to create space for connection and authenticity. 


She is always willing to meet me where I’m  at, empathize, and tailor her style to what works for me personally. 


Connecting with her has been empowering and reassuring. You can feel confident working with her that you’re being supported by someone who walks the walk and is truly on this journey right alongside you.

- Whitney, Vermont
Life Coaching Client

Image by Lucas Sankey

Working with Allison has been a wonderful journey. 


Somehow, deep inside, I knew that I wanted to be better. I read books, I listened to amazing speakers and teachers, and had so many ideas but didn't know where to start. 


Allison worked with me to unpack the things that I wanted to improve in my life, as well as the feelings and confusions that come with that. Her encouraging demeanor allowed me to be honest and open in each session and find the solutions I needed.

Have you ever found yourself with a vision of making yourself better but you do not know where to start? Or, have you already started but you feel stuck and unable to move forward?


It will be well worth your time to speak with Allison. 

- Anne Marie, New York
Life Coaching Client

Image by Annie Spratt

Having Allison's support reminds me of my own inner confidence and helps me to face the challenging aspects of my life. 


I am so grateful to have Allison as a coach!


She is dedicated and committed. With grace and thoughtfulness, she has switched tracks on our journey based on what I need. That ability to pivot from one facet of my life to another has really set her apart.

- Jessica, Vermont
Life Coaching Client

Allison has empowered me to be a catalyst for change in my life, lifted me up when I've been feeling down, and truly shown so much patience and compassion through my non-linear healing journey.


She has helped me leave my fears behind and realize that I am in control of my own happiness. 


She's done so much to help me boost my self-confidence in every aspect of my life.

Whatever you're looking for, Allison has a plan for you. She is truly there for you through anything. She will meet you where you are and coach you through changes you are ready to make.   


Everyone needs an Allison to encourage them!  

- Maddy, Vermont
Life Coaching Client


Every moment spent with Allison is a gift.


The knowledge, creativity and mindset she brings to the table is impeccable.


She uses her amazing leadership skills and gentle, yet guided voice to put me in a place of peace.


Allison has transformed my way of thinking and has helped me to stay positive and conscious to what WILL come into my life instead of focusing on what hasn’t happened yet.

- Catherine, Vermont
Life Coaching Client

Image by Annie Spratt

Allison's workshops and individual sessions have helped give me a vocabulary for what I want and why I want it, which is invaluable when it comes to motivating myself and explaining my choices to others. 

She has also helped me recognize when my responses are fear-based and how to move beyond them. 

Because of Allison, I'm now able to find joy in working on a conference presentation. Before, I was concerned about how the work would be received, how I would be received, how I would deal with potentially awkward questions about my future work, and so on. Now I'm just breathing and enjoying my research. 

Allison is a wonderful and empowering guide and I can't wait to work with her more!

- Lizzie, Vermont
Life Coaching Client


In just the first session, Allison was able to pinpoint and vocalize things about myself that I had not been able to narrow down.


She provided me with real life practical solutions to some of the areas that I felt I was struggling in.


I finally feel like I am moving forward to the person I am meant to be, not the person that others expect me to be.

- Stephani, Texas
Life Coaching Client

Image by Annie Spratt

Working with Allison was a joyful experience.  


She listened attentively and when she reflected back what she heard, she introduced a perspective that I hadn't considered - one that made me more self-aware, confident and powerful.


I continue to gain confidence from the perspective she showed me.


I look forward to continuing my work with her!

- Deb, Vermont
Life Coaching Client